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SafeHearth Energy – Efficient Space Heater With Active Pure

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Vollara’s SafeHearth Energy-Efficient Space Heater with ActivePure

Natural odor and contaminant eliminating processes and warm, clean, radiant heat are delivered throughout any room, effectively and conveniently with the safety and security that only comes from SafeHearth. As ActivePure Technology works to remove odors and « scrub » the environment, SafeHearth’s heating plate gently and evenly warms the area, providing comfort and peace of mind during cold nights and chilly days.

The PTC heating element is made from ceramic stone and heats quickly while being energy efficient. It is also durable, providing a longer life for the heating element. Unlike these other heaters, SafeHearth provides a quiet, even heat that fills the room.

SafeHearth offers an economical way to put safe heating just where it’s needed, allowing a lower thermostat setting to help save on heating bills. Add to that a long life-Read More »

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