I’m remember 16 years ago… in 2004 when i started my own Vollara Business Opportunity, i was so proud of my new Air and Suface purification products to show to everybody arround me.

It’s very cool to be your own boss ! Vollara have all the wellness and healthy products peoples needs realy to protect the indoor air and surfaces.


On this  Day

Consider this happening within 60 minutes after it’s placed in your environment:

99.9% Kill Rate on RNA & DNA viruses in your air and on surfaces

(COVID-19  is also considered an RNA virus and will be tested soon).

 99.9% Kill Rate for Bacteria, some commonly called staff.

 99.9% Kill Rate for Airborne Contaminants

 99.9% Kill Rate for Mold

 Eliminates common triggers of allergies and irritants for those that may have compromised immune systems.

 Destroys VOC’s, smoke & odors

We can’t see these things, and now more than ever, we know they’re there; in the environments we spend the most time in.

Air & Surface Sanitizer; NO installation required; takes care of 500-3,000 square feet effortlessly for most environments.

You’ve probably heard documentation beats conversation…this device is certified space technology!  VISIT :

Air & Surface Pro FDA-compliant laboratory testing facility explanation

Dr. Troy Sanford speaking: 

Here is where we go from here, this is the newest version. 

The Air+Surface Pro by Vollara. This is incredible new air and surface purifier. It’s on the way to us right now. It covers up to 3,000 sq. ft. and uses ActivePure technology to create pristine air quality and attack contaminants on surfaces. Provides ozone-free air cleaning and surface cleaning at the touch of a button. 

Positive and negative multi-point ion generation, incredible state of the art machine. 

Let me show you some of the new science behind the new ActivePure. 

This was done in the FDA-compliant laboratory testing facility. This testing shows in 30 minutes against one of the toughest bacteriophage RNA viruses that you can imagine. 99.999% reduction in 30 minutes. 

Remember it was 4 hours and 5 hours for 50% reduction. Now it is a 5-log kill (in 30 minutes), that’s 99.999% against a virus that’s super tough. 

[ 6-log kill in 60 minutes – 99.9999% reduction] 

That’s why the FDA requested specifically this MS2 terrible virus because to kill viruses you may know that you have to break that viral envelope, to pierce that envelope. 

Some of them have real thick envelopes, or shells, like a coconut shell. And some viruses have very thin shells, like an egg or peanut, it is pretty easy to break. 

This MS2 virus is really-really tough. So, when you have this type of results, the thin shelled viruses do not really even have a chance. 

So that’s why you test against the real hard ones, because you know if you can break these, the others will most certainly break. That’s kind of how viruses live, they live in that shell, they live encased and they come out. 

If they’re forced with some type of oxidative ActivePure technology to pierce that viral envelope, they die. 

So it’s an amazing process, and the fact that we tested so strongly against these very, very strong and thick enveloped viruses is amazing. 

This Phi-X147 DNA virus, 99.993% reduction. So, we’re seeing a 4-log kill in 30 minutes. 

This is some gram positive and some gram-negative bacteria. We’re seeing similar results here that are absolutely amazing. 

And last but not least, the bacterial mold and fungal molds as well. 99.99% reduction in 60 minutes. 

Ladies and gentlemen, this technology has evolved significantly. 

Things build on each other, really excited to be with this company because we really move things forward. This is a really new testing we’re super excited about it. We’ve talked about how ActivePure technology works, using oxygen and water in the air to create these superoxidizers. They’re awesome. 

Fewer sick days and flu outbreak. Cleaner air and surfaces. 

Now we don’t make any claims about the novel coronavirus, folks, I don’t want to dodge around that. 

It’s a thin-shelled virus, the entire classification of coronaviruses are thin-skinned. 

So, something like this, this MS2, RNA virus – thick, hard to kill. 

The other coronaviruses don’t even come close when it comes to piercing the viral envelope. 

This technology is absolutely incredible, it’s an extra layer of protection for you and your family. Really, that’s what it’s about – protecting your family and doing the right thing. 

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